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Welcome to Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Services. Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Services is the best place to find the best carpet cleaners in Saskatoon. We all need a carpet cleaning at some point and time. Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Services has the best carpet cleaning companies in Saskatoon for commercial and residential.


Preferred Carpet Cleaning Company in Saskatoon

Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning - Brothers In Grime Back of VanOur current preferred carpet cleaning company in Saskatoon is Brothers in Grime. We have chosen Brothers In Grime (BIG) for several reasons. BIG provides excellent quality of work. You will be amazed with their level of service and attention to detail. On top of all of that, BIG always makes an extra effort to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Each carpet cleaning is a work of art.


Brothers In Grime (Feature Carpet Cleaning Company)

Brothers In Grime (BIG) is locally owned and operated. Brothers in Grime was established in 2002. BIG can do both commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

The owner Mark Pfeifer approaches his work like a pro. You will not find the “BIG Guy” racing from job to job. Mark takes his time to do a very good job at each project. BIG always uses the best procedures to clean the carpet or upholstery. Once cleaned BIG uses a fresh residue-free rinse. You will notice a “BIG Difference” in how your carpets feel after a residue-free rinse! There is no sticky or crusty feeling that you may have seen in the past.

Before Mark leaves he will spend sometime discussing how you can best take care of your carpet, rugs, and fine fabrics in the future. This is a carpet cleaning company that will educate you. You will learn what products to use to better protect your carpets and fabrics. Mark will also inform you of methods to keep spills and other stains from ruining your carpets!